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I am officially in my 40’s now! Wooohooo…!!! And look what I got from my darling man for getting into the club:

That’s right! A stylish spiffing brand new Intuous4 tablet!!! Yay!!! Thanks, Darling! I’ve been coveting for a while now since my 5-year-old Intuous2 started showing some aging symptoms lately. The Intuous4 is just sooo… beautiful with its sleek black interface and it is thinner and much lighter than the Intuous2. I can’t wait to explore the new features, especially the iPod-like wheels that you can set for various functions.

And then… the door bell rang! A delivery! Of what?! A surprise!!!

Quite a while ago my artwork was selected for inclusion in Patti Digh‘s new book called “Four Word Self Help” and very recently I heard that the book has been made available from Amazon and that some people have received their copy of it from the publisher! And now it’s my turn and it arrives exactly on my birthday! What a nice surprise!!! It’s a nice little book that I’m sure will help me (and many people) to appreciate life more and be more happy with themselves and their life. So thank you, GlobePequot! Thank YOU, Patti!!!

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