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Do you like to sew? I do! But I discovered that I am better at it digital-way! My first digital stitching was released in January 2006 – when ARTiStitches product line was first introduced at Ztampf! You can find unique stitching in many of my kits too! The most recent one is the Stitched AlphaSet – which reminded me of how much I love digital sewing. So… plenty more stitching packs will come! Watch out for the brand new ‘Gone Stitching’ sometimes soon!

Now, while I’m ‘gone stitching’ let’s check out what stitching goodness available to date at Studio Ztampf! Did you know that you can find all ztampfilicious stitching here through the drop-down menu when you visit Studio Ztampf!? Of course, no talks about ztampfilicious digital stitching and sewing is complete without mentioning the Syrin Seamstress Kit. It was first released in May 2006 and now have been revamped and brought over to Studio Ztampf! at SBG. I have added plenty of new, fun stitching so from a total of 25 stitching there is now a total of 45 stitching – all ready to use straight away! I have also added a new button, provided in 5 different colors. A safety pin has been added in closed/secured position and opened position – both are in ‘inserted’ look. A semi transparent linen scrap for journaling mat has also been added! Finally, some papers and elements have received some minor improvements as well! What’s more… it is now 40% OFF! But you’d better be hurry… this 40% OFF offer only lasts through this Sunday, June 13th!

I have also re-released the popular Frayed Folds and Pinked’n Frayed Folds Layered Templates – they are perfect to use with Syrin Seamstress Kit! They are currently on Special Pricing too. Each is available in Layered PSD, Layered TIFF and PNG formats so you should be able to have fun with them no matter what program you are using.

Aside from my ARTiStitches line and Syrin Seamstress Kit, Bohemian Rhapsody Series also got tons of stitching and unique stitched appliques, lace, ribbons and various haberdashery goodness.

Check out the Stitched Tape AlphaSet and Stitched Buttons packs too:

Happy digi-sewing!