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                    Look who’s here!

It’s Lil’Lance! He is my nephew from my youngest brother who lives in Jakarta. He was born last year on the first of September and oh boy, he is such an adorable cheerful baby! And so I created this brand new Lil’Lance Series for him! True to his cheery personality, this series is bursting with happy bright colors and fun cute pals in the form of floppy animals fashioned from finest digital materials crafted by his proud auntie *smile*. I’m tellin’ ya, this kit took way longer time to complete than I thought! I hope you’ll like it:

As usual, a matching Lil’Lance Ensembles and Lil’Lance QuickPage Album is also available as well as Lil’Lance Package Saving! With the Lil’Lance Package Saving, you will save as much as $7.00! Awesome eh! Oh and you can see pictures of cheery Lil’ Lance himself in my layouts here.

Now have you been browsing Ztampf! Gallery at SBG lately? Take a look for some inspirations. Don’t forget to check out the Ztampf!Ztampf! CT Gallery there too – the Z!Girls have been putting out quite a few amazingly gorgeous pages recently *smile*.

While we’re on the topic, please vote for Lynn’s Heritage Page created with Ztampf! Adventouriste Collection HERE! It is a very beautiful layout – it’s one of my favorites of hers! Thanks in advance *smile*.

Any of you on Twitter? I have finally joined in and still learning how to use it. You are more than welcome to follow Ztampf! on Twitter! I plan to tweet any updates pertaining to Ztampf! so if you’d like to get immediate updates, just follow @Ztampf. I promise not to tweet too often though! *laugh*

Did you know that I’ll be sponsoring the chat over at SBG this Tuesday, May 18th? Well, I’ll be there to join the fun for sure! Yes, there will be fun games and prizes and pssst… I’m preparing a little something for those attending too! So be sure to be there: Tuesday, May 18th – 9 PM EST at Studio Chat. I’ve been told that the chats there are hilariously fun! Hope to see you all there!

In closing, here is a 20% OFF Discount Coupon that you can use with anything at Studio Ztampf! The code is: happyztampfing and it is good through Sunday, May 23rd. Have fun with it!

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