January 30th, 2010

What – another ztampfever already? Well, since I haven’t released a brand new series in quite a while I think it deserves a Ztampfever to announce it – don’t you agree? So here it is complete with a coupon and a name-guessing game with a prize – just scroll down and enjoy!

The Tiger is Rising!

Unleash the Year of the Tiger 2010 with the brand new Tiger Rising Series
Just in time for the Lunar New Year which this year will fall on February 14th (yup, exactly on Valentine’s Day!), I have created this rich and intense Tiger Rising Series, consisting of Tiger Rising Kit, Tiger Rising Ensembles and Tiger Rising QuickPage Album. Get all three of these in the Tiger Rising Package Saving and you will automatically save $4.00!

Those of you celebrating the Lunar New Year will love these sets to create unique, personalized Chinese New Year Greeting Cards and Hong Bao (Red Pockets/Lai See) created mostly with the Tiger Rising Kit:

And I do have a coupon for you too! This 20% OFF Discount coupon: z5210013020 is good for any downloadables at Ztampf!Shop and Studio Ztampf!, valid through Wednesday, February 3rd 2010.
Go ahead and make good use of it!

In case you’re wondering about the brand new series in the work that I mentioned last time, no, it’s not finished yet! It’s evolving into this big collection, you see! What is it, you asked. Some hints: the name of this collection is a made-up word – mashed up from 3 words. It starts with an ‘A’. The collection has something to do with travel and it has a lot of wings in it!

Now, the first person who could guess at least two words (from the three mashed up words) will receive the entire collection for free! And the first three persons who could guess just one word, will receive the collection at 50% OFF (and remember, the collection itself as Package Saving is already at a discounted pricing!). Just type in your guesses under ‘Leave a Reply’ in this entry before midnight of Feb. 7th 2010 US Eastern Time (so, you have the chance to post your guess up to 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 6th).
Have fun guessing!

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10 Responses to “Ztampfever #52!”

Meta Says:

Is one of the words “air”?

Meg Says:

Is one word of the words angel?

plbeary Says:

asia or angel

Meta Says:

Angel fly home?

Margaret Caisey Says:

I think (maybe) the words might be:

FLY; SKY; WINGS ???????

(hope so, anyway!)

Margaret C. X

Kori Dorn Says:

Sky (or skies)
Wisp (or wispy)

Crossing my fingers! :)

Adi Says:

WOAH!!! I’m rushing to get the Tiger is rising kit!!!
I am going to Sri Lanka next week and I already see how this kit will be the most perfect one for my pictures!!!
Thank you so much for it!!!!!

As for the guessing game – my gueass includes the words Journey, air, flight and Paradise :-D

Fhung Says:

Keep on guessing :).

Jenna Says:

Hi Fhung! Could one of the words be “Adventure”?

PS – I’m off to pick up Tiger Rising kit … it is absolutely stunning. Just one comment though, I LOVE the look of the alphabet you used in red for the “HongBao Two” product preview. Is there any chance of you releasing that in your store as an alpha? I would pick up on that right away ;)

Fhung Says:

Jenna nailed the word “Adventure” – she got it right on this one :). Congrats!!! There are still 2 words up for guessing! Good luck!

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