April 2nd, 2009

Oh so many things to catch up! I’ve been on a 2-week trip to my home town Jakarta, Indonesia for a collective exhibition I was invited to participate in. I enjoyed my time in Jakarta meeting old and new friends, getting some of the gossips on the local artscene, spending time with my old folks and my youngest brother and his expectant wife.

The exhibition itself is called: “Latitudes in Transit: Indonesian and Mexican Women Artists“, organized by the Embassy of Mexico in Jakarta and shown in the National Gallery there. I have three works in this exhibition. Just click the image below to see them. To see works by some other participating artists, check out this album on my Facebook. There are some really interesting arts there! All by women artists! Enjoy!


Once back in Hong Kong, I’ve been busy with a new art project, for another collective art exhibition in a gallery in Jakarta. I had a friend visiting and staying with us for a week too. Between this and that, I haven’t got chance to work on any new Ztampf! stuff… But don’t worry, I’ll start working on it soon ;)


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