January 8th, 2009

This  is my new sewing machine, a new year’s gift from my belovedst man. It’s Janome 419S. It can sew denim and canvas – an important feature for me as I plan to use it to create some soft-sculptures with canvases. I hope it is capable of sewing into book’s binder board too! We’ll see.

The first projects I did were very simple. A table cloth and a cushion cover, both made with leftover IKEA curtain. We have plenty of it because in our previous apartment we used IKEA curtain as dividers in hallways. I also use IKEA curtain to cover my open shelving unit to keep things looking neat regardless of the fact behind the curtain ;).

For the table cloth, we have been using it as it was until one of the edges got frayed. I was happy for a chance to learn to use the ‘Over Casting Stitch’ to hem the edges. Then I impulsively played with one of the decorative stitches – so now the table cloth looks a little bit prettier :).

For the cushion cover, I made various folds then stitched over them with various stitches. I used very pale blue thread for this. I wish I had colorful thread, it would have looked much prettier. Now it looks very subtle, which is not bad, actually. I need to go shopping for more thread one of these days! Right now I only have Black, Dark Brown, Broken White, Stark White, Navy, Pale Beige, Pale Grey, and Very Pale Blue. Just the most basic, you know.

I think I do love sewing! The mistake I made most often so far is forgetting to lower the presser foot before starting to sew! So silly! Oh I have also tried to stitch buttons (and button holes!) with the machine. Pretty cool!


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celia Says:

I’m sure you’ll love it. I started because I wanted to learn how to machine embroider and now I can’t live without my sewing machine. My mind is always making patterns to sew, lol…

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