Ztampf! by Lie Fhung
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Ztampf! digital artistry by Lie Fhung
What's the news?

Many of you have been visiting the site yesterday only to find that site was not available. What's up? Well..., I am very happy to let you know that the site is now up and running with new ztampfabulous look and improvements! To celebrate this, for the next three days I'm throwing a Shuffle Sale and Trivia Fun with prizes!

Now, before you run off to the shop you'd better read about this Trivia Fun first. There are only 2 questions but there are up to 20 winners! Are you ready for the questions?
1. There are at least 10 visible changes to the entire Ztampf! site (Shop, Gallery & general area). What are they?

2. I have used elements from at least 21 Ztampf! kits in the new Ztampf!Shop page. Name as much kits as you could find out!
The first 10 persons who come up with the most (and correct) answers will receive a prize, one per question. So if someone give correct answers for both questions, she will receive 2 prizes. What are the prizes? There are 10 each of 20% Off Discount Coupons and $15 Cash Coupons! Email me your answers by July 17th at the latest with subject "Trivia Fun".

And now, the Shuffle Sale! How does it work? Within the next three days, different items at Ztampf!Shop will be randomly marked down up to 50% off. The marked down items varied from day to day. Most only there for a day before replaced with other items, some might last for only several hours, even! So be sure to check back often to see if your long coveted items are on the sale ;).

But wait! Don't go just yet! I would like to introduce the Z!Guest for this month... Catherine, aka Chud23 in most forums. Her work is just amazing! Check out her gallery at Ztampfest here!

And don't forget to check what the Z! Girls have been churning out lately! They have done some really gorgeous stuff!

My Terms Of Use and Professional Use Licenses have been updated too! And here are the latest goodies:

As you might have notice, the much anticipated Year In Revue Kit is now available from
ACDSee! Find more information here. And now... enjoy your ztampfunshufflesale ;).
(And dont' forget the Trivia Fun!).
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